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Introduction To Services

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INSIGHTFUL SPACE PLANNING to creatively determine the best use of every space and how they flow together

SCOPE of WORK and BUDGETING helping ensure everyone is on the same page

DRAWINGS and DOCUMENTATION to clearly communicate designs with you and list product specifications, to facilitate accurate bids and work completion

ARCHITECTURAL FEATURES, FINISHES, CABINETRY reflecting a cohesive vision throughout, designed with knowledge of construction realities

DREAM KITCHENS and BATHROOMS that work for you and express unique statements that make you shine

LIGHTING DESIGN to put the spotlight where it belongs!

FURNISHINGS, ARTWORK & DECORATIVE LIGHTING creating the look, reflecting your life, and taking your interior world to the next level

CUSTOM FURNITURE AND DECORATIVE FINISHES when off-the-shelf just doesn’t work

WINDOW TREATMENTS & FLOORCOVERINGS sourcing the right look, size and function


WHOLESALE PURCHASING and INSTALLATION saving you money and offering white-glove delivery service

PROJECT MANAGEMENT, taking the burden off of you


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How We Work And What We Offer

Let’s get together to discuss your needs, what you’d like to do and how we can help you. This meeting is always complimentary.

Stephen is experienced with everything relative to residential interior design; you will be in good hands. He also has a network to support your project needs, whether it be hiring an architect or creating one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. He is available to help qualify contractors, if your project calls for them.

Stephen Kohlbeck Interiors, in its essence, consults, offering design advice and guidance as well as observation services throughout a project, so you have an extra pair of eyes looking out for your best interests and managing our vision. 

We provide concept packages, drawings, and construction documents, to insure clear communication and design integrity.

If you don’t have a contractor or specialist, Stephen’s circle of experts is wide and he can likely provide for your project needs.

Because we don’t limit your options to a particular showroom, we can provide everything from tile to decorative light fixtures, fireplaces, hardware, and plumbing fixtures, from any showroom in the region and beyond. The same goes for furniture, fabrics, wallpapers and window treatments. If it’s out there, we can likely get it for you.

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